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These links are provided for your information and interest in Chiropractic. Please note these links are outside of our website and the articles are of various sources and are not necessarily endorsed by us or meet our specific views on the application of Chiropractic. 
The Chiropractic Resource Organization
A site with links to information on Chiropractic that you may find helpful. The site is maintained by Frank Painter, D.C.

1.Chiropractic Patient Satisfaction

2. About Chiropractic

​ 3. Cost Effectiveness of Chiropractic

​ 4. Forward Head Posture and How Chiropractic Can Help

5. Fibromyalgia Information

​ 6. Backpacks and Children
​ 7. The Chiropractic Research Page

​ 8. Video Link to ACA YouTube Video on setting up a proper computer work station:

9. Myofascial Pain Syndrome AKA Trigger Points. Some information on the most common cause of neuromuscular pain and dysfunction.

10. Recent information on what "Fascia" is and how it affects your body's function.

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Daily Stretches For Lower Back and Pelvic Balance. Use these easy, but important stretches daily to improve your spinal posture, improve flexibility and reduce lower back and hip discomfort!
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SPARK PEOPLE EXERCISE WEBSITE Very complete exercise guides with demos and descriptions. We use this site for exercises recommended to our patients. We offer this link to use as you see fit and at your own risk. 
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Major Muscle Illustration

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Muscular System