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We offer appointments  on

Tuesday's and Thursday's

Call us at 570-676-0033 to schedule.

Regular Care is Quick...

It doesn't take much out of your schedule to for an appointment. If you are, or have been a patient previously, we can get you in on a timely manner. New patient visits are approximately 30 minutes. Regular established appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes.

Who Can Benefit?

Just about anyone! Postural and muscle dysfunction can affect both young and old. For young people, why let minor issues become big issues later in life. For older people, lifelong problems may not be able to be totally corrected, but improving motion and reducing pain and discomfort is a good result.

Get Back Into Life

Improving your spinal posture and motion allows you to do more in your daily routine. No one feels like exercising or performing other physical activities when they have pain or discomfort. Chiropractic can help you in this area. Feel better and you are able to do the things you want to do!

Spinal Balance

Our service is focused on bringing your spinal posture into better balance. This reduces stress on your muscles, joints and nervous system. The result is you not only function better, but you feel better!

None of Those ...

You most likely realize more pills are not the solution. Our society is bombarded with drug commercials hundreds of times each day. If popping pills was the answer to our health problems, we should never have an ill because they are prescribed like candy. Unfortunately, many of us have health issues that continue to recur despite the myriad of drugs available. Chiropractic takes a different approach to many problems... the approach that aims to restore proper physiology to the body. Returning normal motion and balance of the neuromuscular system, especially the postural muscles, assists the body in form and function while reducing pain due to abnormal function. 

What we offer you